February 15, 2012

Post the First

Starting a blog.

How do millions of people just up and do this every day? I've had this blog account for, I don't know, millenia...at least one, maybe two. And the poor thing's just been drifting aimlessly, waiting on me to get off my butt and write something, anything. Well, this is something.

What I hope this will be: a funny, creative, crafty, Becky Home-Ecky warehouse of domestic awesomeness. Like Cozy. Cottage. Cute. or Buckets of Burlap or Pretty Handy Girl.

What it will likely be: A disaster.

But, I will do my best to overcome my pathological perfectionism and just go with it. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get a few good recipes or home decor ideas from me. At the very least, maybe you'll get a few laughs...

-Mrs. K


  1. I recently posted my very first post as well … it’s so awkward! looking forward to visiting your blog :o)

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Your photos are GORGEOUS! Keep up the blogging...it won't be awkward forever. Right?? :-)