April 03, 2012

Look At This Stuff, Isn't It Neat?

Hi, y'all.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a really terrible procrastinator. The worst, really. I got a book once for how to organize your time and defeat procrastination, but (you know where this is going) I haven't gotten around to reading it. It's languishing in a pile somewhere, along with my books about how to conquer clutter. So, I'm just as clueless & behind as I was before, only now I have eleven fewer dollars in my wallet.

Where was I?

Oh, right.

So, as a PFC (Procrastinator First-Class), this Mrs. has more than a few projects that have piled up over the years. And one of the reasons I even started this blog was so I'd have the impetus to finally get moving on them. Here's just a sampling of my "To Do" list:

1A. and 1B. - I love, LOVE vintage ads. Original, I know, but they're popular for a reason, which is that they're awesome. My intent (for the last 6 years!) is to mat and frame those beauties and get my Retro Kitchen Redo underway. I mean, just look at how fantastic these are, you guys (click to embiggen):


Don Draper, eat your heart out.

Obviously, family history is a passion of mine. Yep, I'm a genealogy junkie. And in that cardboard box is a beautiful family tree that a friend gave me for Christmas in 2010 (are you seeing a pattern here, folks?) that I just haven't filled in yet. I'm mostly just afraid that I'll misspell a name, in ink, with crappy penmanship, and just botch the whole thing. Seriously, I need therapy.

3. This is probably the easiest thing on my list. All I need to do is hang this drawing of Mr. K (done by my ridiculously artistic MIL-K) in the Music Room (which isn't so much a room as it is a corner of the guest bedroom). But before I can do that, I have to finish number 8.

4. On second thought, this is probably the easiest. Just gotta hem those bad boys for Mr. K.

5. I am not an athlete. I am a band geek to the core. But for one shining moment in college, I was a rugger. And I was good. This is my jersey, waiting patiently to be shadow-boxed for going on 20 years.

2nd Row Forward, bitches.

 In 1980, my folks piled us into the station wagon and took us to Sea World. This chalk drawing of me & my sister is so cute, but it is HUMONGOUS. It is also in the ugliest, cheapest frame EVER, sporting quite possibly the worst mat job since the dawn of time. Task 6 is to shrink it down to manageable size, mat/frame it in a non-gross manner, and maybe even make a second one for my sister.

I really need to bring back those bangs.

7. No, this isn't the Ugly Orange Chair soon to be ousted by my pal, Hovås. This is an antique rocker that my mom re-covered back in the early 80s. I wouldn't have gone with ORANGE CORDUROY on an early-20th century rocker, buy hey, who am I to judge? This fella is getting a makeover (maybe with a pretty French toile?) and might take up temporary residence in my Reading Nook.
Oh, I'm judging, alright.

My mom swears she never did drugs. I'm dubious.

8. You can't really tell in the pictures, but the walls in my guest bedroom are little-girl pink painted (poorly) over a bright blue. Blech. I don't like pink. So, number 8 is painting that room...I'm leaning toward a soft flannel-gray in Ralph Lauren's Suede Finish paired with IKEA bedding in a gray/blue palette.

9. I'll have to do some research on what kind of paint to use, but I'd like to paint the register black. Have any of you ever tackled this particular project? If so, what kind of roller will I need to use? I wonder if they make some sort of gadget to get in between each section? Hmm...

El Yucko.

Well, that oughta keep me busy for a while, huh? As always, thanks for reading & leaving comments!

-Mrs. K


  1. You are funny. Get busy on that kitchen, I can't wait to see!

    1. Haha, thanks! I try... ;)

    2. You are so funny! I also admit to having that same disease called procrastination!! At least you have a list of projects, that's a good starting point. I haven't even gotten that far. How about putting each project onto a piece of paper and folding them and then drawing one out of a hat and that is where you start. Then when you finish that you can draw out another. As you think of new projects you can just add them to the hat. Lol! Good luck! Now all I have to do is find some paper to write on to make my list. Think the steno pad is somewhere buried under the clutter on the table.....
      Love, Aunt Wynne

  2. just wanted to share a little PFC support :o) love those vintage ads for your kitchen!

  3. You know at my house the clothing that needs mended (or hemmed) tends to sit in that pile until it no longer fits...